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Hayland Department (now defunct)

Vyceroy Hayden Johnson

located wythyn the United States

Hayland Department has been a part of Slinnysh culture synce it joined the Fyrst Empyre in June 2010. It is arguably the most creatyve and impressyve Department in the nation, wyth a hystory of being the fyrst department to have a known capytol buildyng (now gone) and a physycal flag (former desygn).


Lurk Department

Vyceroy Karl Friedrych

located wythyn the Czech Republic

websyte: http://lurkdept.weebly.com/

Lurk Department began as a separate mycronation known as the LurkSAR on June 25, 2011, founded by Kyng Second. Thys nation entered various reforms into a Republic, a Federation, an Archduchy, and a Republic again. Lurkarlo, a small area of Lurk, entered the Second Empyre of Slin as a claim on July 18, 2012. On June 25, 2013, Lurkarlo and the nation of Lurk became the Lurk claim of Slin, and shortly afterward, Lurk Department was declared on July 3.


Necca Department

Vyceroy André Volfym

located wythyn Malta

Necca Department is governed by Vyceroy André Volfym, and borders a separate mycronation. Vyceroy André formerly governed the nation of BlueSkies, a close nation to the Fyrst Empyre.




Paca Lando





Freybridge, near Yurtyzstan