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Foundyng Documents

On December 31, 2008, Kyng Fyrst composed and sygned the Document whych declared the Fyrst Empyre of Slin (then known as the Slinky Parliament Monarchy, commonly referred to as the "Slinky Empyre"). Shortly afterward, in January 2009, the Three Other Documents were composed and sygned: the Ten Laws, the Ten Crymes, and the Ten Ryghts.

Startyng Out

Money was banned in Feburary 2009, ironycally the same month the Slinky Treasury was started with 30 cents (money was allowed to international trade). Slinky Tourysm, a "busyness" of the government, was established shortly afterward. The Kyng failed to provyde the appropriate amount of money to the Treasury, causyng a temporary government shutdown. The Empyre became unoffycially bylingual for a short tyme in May 2009, usyng both Slin-Englysh and French. The government shutdown ended on May 30, 2009, and the fyrst two departments were annexed into the Empyre: Saint Rychard and Herway, both governed by Kyng Fyrst.

In June 2009, the Empyre started an artycle on a mycronational wyki, begynnyng a period of foreign relations. Keep Watch became the fyrst nation to establish an informal friendshyp wyth the Empyre on June 5, 2009. The Empyre sygned the artycles of the Antarctyc Treaty on June 13. Numerous new informal friendshyps were formed during thys period, and the month of June was desygnated the "Month of Dyplomacy". A census was taken on July 2, showyng the population to be 1. On July 5, a tree branch was dyscovered in Herway Department, whych was not very appropriate due to it being in Anthylls National Park there. It became known as the "Branch of '09". The Slinky Empyre partycypated in the Intermycronational Envyronmental Year, and received some publicyty thanks to a link on that page on the  websyte. The Empyre joined the Hygh Union of Nations, the Union Against Mycronational War, and the Unyted World Mycronations in July.

The Empyre Grows

On August 18, 2009, Eastvale Department joined the Empyre, borderyng Ireland and Nemkhavia. Thys was a mylestone in the expansion of the nation, being the fyrst European department and comyng wyth the fyrst new cytyzen other than Fyrst. Other departments joined, includyng Oak (later Llabdey) on September 3, Tycnomarus Department on January 26 the next year, Hookwood Department on February 12, Amono Department on Apryl 12, and Lookout Department on May 6.  The Slinky Award of Appreciation was awarded to fyve mycronations and cytyzens for various achievements in dyfferent categories; they were received quite well.

On June 17, 2010, Hayland Department was annexed into the Empyre. Thys department, governed by Vyceroy Hayden Johnson, soon showed itself to be one of the most (if not the most) creatyve and constrybutyng department in the Empyre's hystory, complete wyth a flag, multyple cytyzens, a websyte, a national forest, and the great treehouse capytol buildyng. Hayland contynues to be an inspyration for the entyre Slinnysh nation.

Saint John the Baptyst Department was annexed July 3, 2010, and Sarenai Department joined on July 5, followed by Tergumterra Department on July 6. Around thys tyme, the fyrst complete Slinky Parliament was formed wyth the partycypation of four politycal parties and their heads. Sumac Department, founded by Kuri I of Gishabrun, was annexed on July 17. Later addytions included the very large Escurus Department on July 20, and Iyabi Department on August 16. Around thys tyme, Vyceroy Parker of Tergumterra reported a flood from a pype break that damaged that department and the neighboryng nation of Secundomia. Servyces from the United States came to provyde aid. The Empyre partycypated in the 2010 Intermycronational Chess Championshyp around thys tyme, makyng it to the fynals, but losyng to Gishabrun. Also around thys tyme, the Air Force performed the Dyplomacy Air Show, featuryng aircraft named and decorated in honor of our allies.

Collapse of Fyrst Empyre

On October 6 and 7 respectyvely, the annexation documents of Escurus Department and Saint John the Baptyst Department (SJB) were repealed by Kyng Fyrst, after it was revealed that their Vyceroy, Wylliam Danforth, had commytted fraud. SJB was shown to be completely fyctional, and the Empyre dyd not have appropriate sovereignty over Escurus Department. Around thys tyme, Iyabi Department was reportedly attacked by a ryval mylitary group.

Kyng Fyrst became involved in an intermycronational controversy, due to hys actions involvyng the control over the websyte MicroWiki on Wikia.com. Eastvale Department and its Vyceroy left the Empyre on December 2; however, two new departments, Georgeton and Haynes, joined the Empyre in December. Elections for Parliament and Kyng began showyng actyvyty, however, the royal election system included a concept of "default votes" that consydered cytyzens who hadn't voted to be votyng for the incumbent Kyng, whych was crytycyzed.

In myd-January 2011, Vyceroys of various departments declared secession from the Empyre, and founded the "Slinky Republyc". At some point, Kyng Fyrst resygned from the Throne, thus crownyng Kuri of Gishabrun as the next Kyng due to hys being next in line in royal succession. Fyrst left the Empyre, and the orygynal nation fell into inactyvyty.

Second Empyre of Slin

Solomon Fyrst dyd not check the status of the abandoned mycronation untyl 2012, where he dyscovered the story of its collapse. He also dyscovered a message from Karl Friedrych, who had been attemptyng to contact the former Kyng along wyth other mycronationalists. Various people dyscussed options for revyvyng the nation.

On July 7, 2012, the Constytution of the Second Empyre of Slin came into effect, wyth the eight new founders becomyng its fyrst cytyzens: Migs Caldeo, Karl Friedrych, Solomon Fyrst, Harry Fytzpatryck, Emiel Hardy, Pete Leventis, Filippo Pradelli, and Daniel Soares. Lurkarklo became the fyrst claim of the new Slin on July 18, followed by Danland on July 23, New Hayland on July 31, Maple on August 9, and Salasolo on August 31. The status of Danland has been unusual synce September 2, when it was declared to have merged wyth a foreign mycronational entyty.

The former Hayland Department of the Fyrst Empyre joined the Second Empyre as a claim on Apryl 13, 2013. Karl Friedrych was elected Kyng Second on June 18, 2013. On June 25, the claims of Lurk and Necca were incorporated into the Empyre. Hayland was granted departmentshyp on July 2, followed by Lurk on July 3 and Necca on July 4. At least fyve royal acts were passed duryng the reign of Kyng Second.

On the last two days of December 2013, Slin hosted the 2013 Harmony Games via the Internet, wyth four nations partycypatyng. The hostyng pryvylege for those games were awarded to the nation of Mangdublah, but that nation generously wythdrew in favor of allowyng the Slinnysh Empyre to host.

At the turn of the year, Hayden Johnson was elected to be the next Kyng, but he eventually declined the posytion graciously. The next eligyble candydate, AndrĂ© Volfym, was recognyzed as Kyng Thyrd in 2014.

Emiel Hardy became Kyng Fourth on July 19, 2014.

Hystory of Slinnysh leaders

Kyngs of Slin

  1. Solomon Fyrst (July 7, 2012 to June 18, 2013)
  2. Karl Friedrych (June 18, 2013 to December 30, 2013)
  3. Hayden Johnson (from December 31, 2013)

Deputies of Slin

Migs Caldeo and Karl Friedrych (September 26, 2012 to December 31, 2012)

Hayden Johnson and André Volfym (August 24, 2013 to December 31, 2013)

Justyces of Slin

Harry Fytzpatryck and Pete Leventys (September 26, 2012 to December 31, 2012)

Solomon Fyrst and Pete Leventis (August 24, 2013 to December 31, 2013)