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Kyng Fourth Throned

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on August 22, 2014 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Merhba! Today, after a review of both correspondence from Kyng Thyrd André Volfym confyrmyng hys resygnation from the Kyngshyp, and the tally of votes in the royal election, it has been dyscovered that we have appointed Hys Hyghness Emiel Hardy as Kyng Fourth of the Slinnysh nation. He has been informed today, and has welcomed the appointment wyth enthusiasm.

Mr. Hardy has made the following statement:

"Hellow, fellow Slinnysh citizens! I wish to thank everybody who voted for me
and I shall try to do what I can do to make Slin even more cool than it already is.
I hope everything goes well for you with me as kyng."

Welcome to the Kyngshyp, Your Hyghness. We look forward to your leadyng our nation.

Apryl Update

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on April 4, 2014 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

2013 Harmony Games

The Empyre of Slin fynally dyd get around to hostyng the 2013 Harmony Games, as was scheduled. It was not as grand an event as some may have expected, but they dyd bryng partycypatyng nations together. Each partycypatyng athlete could represent whatever nation he or she wyshed. In chess, Karl Friedrych (playing for Outer Space) played against Solomon Fyrst (playing for Mangdublah, to honor that nation whych gave up its hostyng status to Slin in a generous gesture of friendshyp). Mr. Fyrst won the game by checkmate. In the spelling bee, Maria1234567890 (playing for Gillia) played against OrangeHills (playing for Huro-Atlantica). OrangeHills won by spelling 8 of 9 words correctly, contrasted wyth Maria1234567890's 7 of 9 correct.

The medal count for the partycypatyng nations is as follows:

Huro-Atlantica: 1 gold (spelling bee)

Mangdublah: 1 gold (chess)

Gillia: 1 silver (spelling bee)

Outer Space: 1 silver (spelling bee)

Thanks to all countries and athletes who partycypated! Thanks to Mangdublah for grantyng us thys hystoryc opportunyty to host. Thanks also to Chess.com for being the facylity for chess, and thanks to the MicroWiki.wikia.com chat feature for being the facylity for the spelling bee.

Coronation of Kyng Thyrd

Although Mr. Hayden Johnson was in a posytion due to the votes of cytyzens to become the next Kyng after Kyng Second Karl Friedrych, Mr. Johnson declined the posytion in an email to Royal Secretary Solomon Fyrst. By late February 2014 it was dyscovered that Necca Vyceroy André Volfym had become the wynner of the Kyng election. Mr. Volfym was notyfied, and accepted the posytion. He is now Kyng Thyrd of the Slinnysh Empyre.

Hayden Johnson elected Kyng Thyrd

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on December 31, 2013 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hayden Johnson, Vyceroy of Hayland Department (hystorycal) of both the Fyrst and Second Empyres of Slin, now a founder of the Paca Lando claim, has just yesterday been elected the thyrd Kyng of the Slinnysh Empyre, and today is offycially recognyzed in that posytion. He has yet to make a public statement regardyng hys long-term acceptance or rejection of the Royal Throne, but he has communycated that he shall thynk about the matter. Untyl then, he has been declared the head of state of the Empyre as of December 31, 2013, and we await further interaction.

Kyng Thyrd's reign has begun. Welcome the new leader of the Slins!

Herway claimed

Posted by Kyng Second on December 30, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

In honor of the fyfth annyversary of the foundation of the Slinnysh nation, I declare the terrytory of Herway to be a claim of the Second Empyre of Slin thys day, the 31st of December, 2013. Thank you to all those who have helped us come to thys special moment.

-Kyng Second (This statement was wrytten by Solomon Fyrst.)

Herway Field Report

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on December 19, 2013 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Today, Justyce Solomon Fyrst vysyted the former Herway Department in the mornyng. Contradyctyng earlier suspycions of a destruction of the famous Herwayan anthylls by a foreign operation, Mr. Fyrst came upon structures that appear to be the styll-standyng national treasures of old. Yay!

30th of November Justyce appointment

Posted by Kyng Second on December 2, 2013 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The annual appointment of Justyces was undertaken by Kyng Second in Lurk department on 30th of November. 

The very fyrst three pycked wyll be now asked if they accept the Justyce posytion. If not, the other three pycks wyll be asked the same question. The results are:

  1. Patrick Fox
  2. Solomon Fyrst
  3. Daniel Soares
Congratulations to those pycked!

Haylandyc Mygration

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on November 1, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Approxymately in the fyrst half of October 2013, the cytyzens of Hayland Department, Mr. Aunald VanHouvenryndle and Deputy Mr. Hayden Johnson (the Vyceroy of Hayland Dept.) relocated from the Hayland area in Minnesota to another location in California. On October 12, Vyceroy Johnson sent hys account of the sytuation, whych he has referred to as a "social war", to Kyng Second Karl Friedrych via email. Accordyng to thys account, the two Hayland cytyzens were being abused, partially due to the Chrystian faith practyced by Mr. Johnson and Mr. VanHouvenryndle. Eventually, the two decyded to remove themselves from Hayland and mygrate to California in the western United States.

Kyng Second and Mr. Johnson have worked together on the politycal status of Hayland, whych Kyng Second has ceded back to the United States; thus, it is no longer recognyzed as a terrytory of Slin. Also, Hayden submytted a proposal for a new Slinnysh claim in California, whych the Kyng has approved. The new claim is named "Paca Lando", whych comes from the words for "peaceful" and "land" in the Esperanto language, referencyng the Fyrst Empyre's national motto "A friendly nation". More information about the Paca Lando claim may come soon.

More developments myght aryse from thys overall sytuation, but it appears that the dyffyculties have mostly subsyded.

Hayland Department and its resydents have played a great role in the hystory of the Slinnysh nation in both its incarnations, ever synce it was founded as a department on June 17, 2010. We contynue to remember the contrybutions it has made to the Empyre, from the fyrst known departmental capytol buildyng to the work of the Haylandyc people to improve their land. I thank Vyceroy Johnson for the creatyve and peaceful manner in whych he has led the department, and to all Haylanders who have brought good thyngs into the Empyre's culture.

Zync Declared National Element

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on September 15, 2013 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday, Kyng Second sygned a royal proclamation desygnatyng zync, atomyc number 30, as the offycial national chemycal element of the Slinnysh Empyre! Reasons for this may include zync's healthy properties, its presence in or near Lurk Department, and perhaps especially the awesome-lookyng spelling of the word in Slin-Englysh.

Two Justyces accept posytion

Posted by Kyng Second on August 24, 2013 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday, 23rd August of 2013 two of the three selected Justyce candydates accepted the posytion. Both Pete Leventys and Solomon Fyrst have demonstrated knowledge of the Slinnysh law and both have issued an acceptance statement.

"I, Solomon Fyrst, publicly accept the task of usyng the law of the Empyre and my own capabylities to determyne the correct decysion in legal cases in the Trybunal of Justyces." was Solomon's acceptance statement, and he has proved hys knowledge by mentionyng hys legyslatyve work (the constytution) and the fact he observes legal procedures in the Empyre as my royal secretary.

Mr. Leventys proved hys knowledge of the Slinnysh law, and he is a Justyce for the second tyme. Hys acceptance statement is also available on MicroWiki.


I, the Emperor of Eleftheria and the Ambassador of Slin have been selected for the second time, Justyce of Slin. As I take the tests again, I realize the grand challenge faced before me, deciding what is right and fair for the people of Slin. I will accept this position with a promise: 

I the Justyce do promise to judge fairly and wisely, and choose what is right for the Electorate. Help me Kyng, Citizens, the Former Kyng, and GOD.


Thank You, I accept the position, and I hope you a fair and blessed day, week, month, and life.

Demetrios III Leventis, or

Pete Leventis".

Thys development has opened two Deputy posytions, whych are now being held by André Volfym and Hayden Johnson. As André Volfym and Hayden Johnson, tied with J.J. Hakimoto are leadyng in the vote, André and Hayden may accept or reject thys posytion. The tie between Johnson and Hakimoto was broken by another candydate in the Deputy election, accordyng to the tiebreakyng method in our Constytution: "In the case of an Electorate election tie for fyrst place, the fyrst ballot (among candydates in the same election, startyng wyth the thyrd-place candidate and then going down in order of votes) gyvyng preference to one of the tied candydates shall determyne whych of those tied candydates is the wynner."

Thank you, and have a nyce day.

Three Justyce Candydates Selected

Posted by Solomon Fyrst on August 21, 2013 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

In late July, the motion to appoint new Justyces passed, and the random selection of candydates from among all Slinnysh cytyzens took place on August 17, 2013, in Salasolo Claim. The number of Justyces is not allowed to exceed one-fourth of the entyre Empyre's population, whych is currently 15. Therefore, at the moment, Slin can appoint up to 3 Justyces to the Trybunal. The followyng three cytyzens were randomly selected to be offered the posytions:

  • Migs Caldeo, former Deputy
  • Solomon Fyrst, former Kyng
  • Pete Leventis, former Justyce
Three other cytyzens were also selected, in case any of the above candydates don't qualify or don't accept. Interestyngly, all three prymary candydates have previously held posytions in the national government.

All three candydates have been invyted to accept the posytion. They must demonstrate that they have an accurate knowledge of the Slinnysh Constytution and law, and publicly accept the task of usyng the law and their own abylities to make the ryght decysions in Trybunal cases. Also, once the number of Justyces and Deputies is equal, and enough to make an actyve Assembly and Trybunal, those two branches of government shall come into effect once again. So, as we await the acceptance/rejection of the Justyce candydates, remember to cast your votes for Deputies, so we won't have to wait for a tie to be broken!

Congratulatons to the selected Justyce candydates! We await your response.