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As you have probably notyced, we do not use "normal" English. The Empyre of Slin uses a spelling variant called Slin-Englysh. It is based on American English, wyth some dyfferences, especially some rules about the letters i and y.  Slin-Englysh is one of the core elements of our culture. If you wysh to know more about it, you can watch the vydeo in the sidebar.

The language has been in use synce 2008, when it was fyrst used in the Slinky document, whych has also established our nation.

Government Leadershyp

The Slin Empyre's government is dyvyded into four branches: the Monarchy, the Electorate, the Assembly, and the Trybunal (the MEAT system). The most powerful branch of government is the Monarchy, whych is led by the head of state and head of government, the Kyng or Queen of the Empyre. Also quite powerful is the Electorate, whych is made of all Slinnysh cytyzens, who elect the Kyng or Queen.

The Assembly of Deputies is elected by Slins, and has the power to propose the repeal of laws from the Kyng or Queen. The Trybunal of Justyces is fylled wyth randomly-chosen cytyzens, and acts as the judycial branch of government, and can determyne outcomes in legal cases.

How to join Slin

Becomyng a cytyzen: If you're interested in becomyng a Slinnysh cytyzen, we welcome your partycypation. You may apply for cytyzenshyp to either the Monarchy or the Trybunal, if you can demonstrate that you are able to vote in a Slinnysh election. Once you're a cytyzen, you have all the pryvyleges granted in the Constytution like votyng and runnyng for offyce, and of course you can come up wyth many other ways to help make Slin even cooler.

Startyng a land claim: If you know if a piece of land that you thynk myght do well as part of the Empyre's land, just let the current Kyng or Queen know. Tell hym/her about the land (perhaps stuff like whether it's indoors/outdoors/both, where it's located, what kynds of anymals myght live there, etc.) and then he/she can decyde if they want to offycially annex the land into the Slinnysh Empyre as a claim.

Startyng a Department: For a part of the Slinnysh Empyre to have a local government, it needs to become an offycial Department (like a provynce or state). The cytyzen who is the founder of a Department becomes its fyrst Vyceroy or Vycereine (like a governor or local monarch). To start a new Department and become its Vyceroy/Vycereine, you can choose a claim (see above) that isn't a Department yet, and show to the Assembly that you are able to govern it and physycally vysyt it. If the Deputies of the Assembly agree, the claim becomes a new Department and you become its fyrst Vyceroy or Vycereine. Then you can begyn your awesome reign!


Election results (updated August 22, 2014)


Emiel Hardy: 3

Hayden Johnson: 3 (has refused Throne)

André Volfym: 2 (has resygned)

Karl Friedrych: 2

Filippo Pradelli: 2

Gandalf D'jambay: 1

Solomon Fyrst: 1 

Austin Rowe: 1

Aunald VanHouvenryndle: 1

Deputies of the Assembly

Emiel Hardy: 1

Hayden Johnson: 1

André Volfym: 1

Learnyng Slin-Englysh


How to join

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