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Welcome to the offycial websyte of the Second Empyre of Slin! Our hystory as a nation goes all the way back to 2008, when the Fyrst Empyre was founded by Solomon Fyrst. Today, the Second Empyre hopes to contynue that legacy of creatyvyty and fun.

Our current head of state is Kyng Fourth, and our cytyzens and terrytory are located in North Ameryca and Europe. Enjoy learnyng about our country!

Keep in mynd the websyte is styll a work-in-progress as much as it is provysional. 

We syncerely hope you enjoy your stay on our websyte!


What's up wyth your language?

Do you like it? That's our own language (or rather a spelling variant of Englysh) called Slin-Englysh. For more on our "language", vysyt the About Slin page!

What is Slin?

You may believe it or not, but Slin is a nation. More specyfycally, we are an unrecognyzed nation - or a "mycronation". Whych means, we have the attrybutes of a regular nation, but no other recognyzed nation supports our sovereignyty.

For more on mycronations, vysyt micronations.webs.com or for more about Slin, vysyt the About Slin page!

More questions?

For more answers, look at the Hystory section of thys websyte, our MicroWiki artycle or Contact us.


Second Empyre of Slin

founded: July 7, 2012 (Second Empyre)
Fyrst Empyre founded December 31, 2008.

population: 15 cytyzens, 3 resydents

national flag: (see ryght)
national emblem: (emblem in flag center)

national anthem: Träumerei by Robert Schumann

national chemycal element: zync

type of government: constytutional monarchy

head of state and government: Kyng or Queen

current Kyng: Kyng Fourth, Emiel Hardy (July 19, 2014-present)

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